Lapland Lodge

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– your destination for Lapland wilderness and adventure!

Silmäsjärvi - Hunting Lodge

Alppitähtikeskus as 1 - Holiday Apartment

Alppitähtikeskus as 4 - Holiday Apartment

First Week at the Lapland Lodge

Driving up to the Lapland Lodge was totally surreal. Dad had never seen so much snow in his entire life. The serenity of it all was beyond imaginable. Everything was still. Not even slight wind could disturb the complete peace they felt. The Lodge, situated quite...

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It is 8:30 a.m. Finnish time, 1:30 a.m. NYC time. Everyone is a bit out of sorts as they’re waking up to the pilot speaking in Finnish. “Laskeudumme pian Vantaan Lentokentälle. Paikallisaika on 8:30,” says the captain, then translates into English. “We will be landing...

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