Finland. Lapland. Levi.

They’re coming to Levi. The family is coming to Levi!

Join us as we take a leap into the unknown, and follow along with the adventures of the fam as they experience an authentic Finnish vacation in the heart of Lapland! They’ve heard about it. They’ve read about it. They want to experience it. For REAL.

Currently residing in NYC, they are looking for a holiday destination in a more relaxing environment to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life they’re so used to. As natives of Vietnam and Texas, mom and dad also understand the necessity of taking time for themselves to relax and recharge. They know all too well how hectic life can become, and want their children Alex, Annie, and Mark to learn more about the world, while enjoying a family vacation in a new place. Finland is highly ranked in travel destinations this year, so they fully intend on getting a completely authentic experience they’ll remember forever.

The small, resort town of Levi offers numerous activities for basically every type of visitor year round. You can find skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing and ice fishing, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, authentic Finnish cuisine, enjoy a relaxing spa and/or sauna day, and so much more. While the winter season is high season here at Levi, the summer months should not go unnoticed. The endless summer days and outdoor excursions are a must on your list! Levi is a place with something for everyone, and this international family is about to go on the vacation of a lifetime to explore, relax, eat, learn, and play.

Stay tuned and join us on this exciting adventure in the heart of Finnish Lapland!

See you soon!

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